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Universal Sharing Model

4 minute read

After many years working as a fullstack architect, currently I’m digging back deeper in to the security territory. Security does not only includes a technica...

Mariadb Automatic Docker Limits

3 minute read

When deploying the official docker hub mariadb image, an unspecific default configuration file will be provided, thus no performance parameters are set nor t...

Docker Multistage Build

2 minute read

Building software sources and their according runtime containers are two different concerns. Docker introduced about one year ago the multistage build featur...

Nfs4 Docker Stacks

1 minute read

Volumes are required whenever the container state must be preserved between deployments. There are plenty of blog posts out there about Docker Volumes and al...

Docker Best Practices

5 minute read

A collection of recurring snippets to write stable and resilient Dockerfiles for production