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Zero Trust Security

6 minute read

The Hyperscalers have written several whitepapers explaining zero trust security. As perimeter based security model work less and less for the end users, it’...

Scrum Guide Distilled

13 minute read

Summary in preparation of the PSM, PSPO and PSD certification based on the official Scrum guide and the sample questions discussion.

Sharing Privacy

2 minute read

Is isolation secure? Is sharing insecure? The latest advances in the sharing technology extend compute virtualization to the network and storage as well. So ...

Mariadb Automatic Docker Limits

3 minute read

When deploying the official docker hub mariadb image, an unspecific default configuration file will be provided, thus no performance parameters are set nor t...

Docker Multistage Build

2 minute read

Building software sources and their according runtime containers are two different concerns. Docker introduced about one year ago the multistage build featur...